What You Should Know About Bing Videos

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What You Should Know About Bing Videos

Microsoft has finally launched Bing Video. This innovative new feature is one that will surely change the way videos are viewed on the web. Since YouTube is overtaking all other video sharing sites, Bing Video gives internet users another option. With Bing Video, internet users can stream videos to their personal computers, televisions, mobile devices such as smart phones, and other web-connected gadgets at no extra charge. To make it even simpler, all you have to do is go to Bing and search for “Bing Video.”

What makes Bing Video different from other search engines is its wide range of videos. In other words, if you type in something like, “Music,” ” Movies,” or” Television,” Bing Video will return a wide array of results. Users can search for specific genres, artists, or movies based on the search term they used. To make browsing through the list even more interesting, you can see what your friends and other Bing users have been watching. You can even filter your results to show only the most recent videos.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to current popular videos. The site also offers an interesting search tool that lets users drill down by year, season, actor, or product. It also lets you compare and contrast different entertainment services, such as television, films, music, or video games. While Bing’s overall video index is impressive, it lags behind YouTube when it comes to searching for specific types of videos.

However, Bing Video does provide some features that YouTube simply cannot match. For example, Bing Video allows users to directly download and watch videos on their computers, while YouTube recommends that users look for websites that offer video downloads. In addition, Bing Video supports live streaming, which means that when the video appears on the web, you can immediately see it.

Finally, Bing Video includes a handy link viewer. The link viewer allows you to browse any category, whether it’s music movies, TV, news, or sports. You can click on links in these categories, order them, and even bookmark them for future reference. This makes it very easy to navigate through different categories, allowing you to spend less time looking for what you’re searching for.

Overall, Bing Video provides a very solid experience. With the huge number of videos available for free, you can be sure that you won’t be stuck with the same old video you’ve seen hundreds of times before. If you’re ready to dive into the world of online video, you should start by taking a good look at Bing.