The Bling Ring – Real People Tackling Real Issues

bling ring real people

The Bling Ring is a reality TV show with real people tackling real issues. The most notable member is Alexis Neiers. She was arrested while filming a television show for E! called “Pretty Wild.” Neiers is a homeschooled girl who met Prugo and Lee through a former foster child who was adopted by the Neiers family several years ago.

The Bling Ring has also targeted celebrities on several occasions. Paris Hilton has been the victim of the group multiple times. The ring also targeted the home of actress Rachel Bilson between three and six times. The Bling Ring has also stolen from Audrina Patridge, Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, and Megan Fox.

The Bling Ring consists of several real people, including Roy Lopez and Diana Tamayo. They were recruited by Ames, a former personal trainer, to sell stolen items. The ring was based in the Las Vegas area, where the Bling Ring was based. It was a large-scale scam, involving several hundred thousand dollars in cash and jewels. Eventually, the gang was busted.

The Bling Ring is a true story, with real people speaking out about the crime. The group stole $3 million worth of designer goods and other items from the homes of celebrities and wealthy people. This story has also inspired a successful film by Sofia Coppola.