Retractable Dog Leash Bling, Triumilynn Smooth and Rhinestone Pet Extendable Lead 10 ft for Small Medium Breed Walking Training, One Button Release and Lock, Gift Waste Bags Dispenser Included

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Ideal for your pets.

Tired of replacing dog leashes? Why not try Triumilynn?

Unleash the FUN and the FREEDOM!

Your dog will hear the call of the wild with our Pink Dog Leash. Sturdy and reliable, with Triumilynn RETRACTABLE LEASH, your daily walks will be enjoyable for both you and your furry friend. Your doggie will be wagging his tail in delight when he sets his eyes on his new leash!

We offer a replacement or refund guarantee for all Triumilynn products. Buy without any risk!

So, what exactly makes a better walking experience?

Superior Ergonomic Handle:

The handle with soft rubber fits in fingers and palm perfectly. Better yet, it’s rather light and non-slippery with good quality, which maximizes comfort for you, especially after long-time walks.

Outstanding retracting mechanism:

One finger is enough to maintain 100% control of your dog during walks. Easily pressing the black button on the grip makes the extendable leash rope release or lock, and that immediately keeps your dog go or stop.

Strong and Durable Materials:

You may have this kind of experience: when talking to someone during walks with your dog, he/she breaks the lead rope and runs away, which would cause him/her in danger.

So, a sturdy dog leash seems to be a must. The enhanced nylon ribbon of this retractable dog leash is capable of bearing strong tension from your dog’s sudden quick pulling, which maximizes his/her safety and your control.

In addition, the spring inside the handle is enough to afford amazing 30000 times’ pressing, so there’s no need to worry it would be broken soon.

Package list:

Retractable dog leash x 1

FREE Dog waste bags x 1

FREE Dispenser box for dog waste bags x 1

It’s time to start a better pet walking journey at our special price now!

  • ◎ Fashionable and Useful-This retractable leash light the way to style, safety and fun! Your beloved dogs will surely get a good rate of second glance with this pink shining retractable leash. Yet, you can have a really pleasurable walking experience with your furry friend
  • ◎ More comfortable handle-thanks to its right size of female hands and ergonomic design. Besides, it's rather light and non-slippery, so you will hardly feel fatigue or burning after long-time walks
  • ◎ Smoother retracting mechanism-Stop or release your dog immediately whenever you want. Once pressing the black button, the leash will be released or stopped immediately for you to fully control your dog
  • ◎ Sturdy and durable nylon leash-This retractable leash is made of enhanced nylon rope which can bear strong pulling by small and medium dogs with up to 35lbs in weight; The spring inside the handle is enough to afford amazing 30000 times' pressing
  • ◎ Bonus-Comes with a FREE waste dispenser and watse bags for you to quickly clean up the mess your puppy leave on those untimely occasions

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