How to Use the Bling Filter in TikTok

bling filter

The Bling filter is one of the many features available in the TikTok application. Its algorithm automatically positions content to be shiny and dazzling. Depending on the settings, the Bling filter can be used to add heart stickers, diamonds, and other glittery decorations to your videos. But how does it work? Here’s how to use it! Follow these simple instructions to enjoy the bling-bling effect. But be warned! The Bling effect is not for everyone!

Once you’ve installed the Bling effect on your mobile device, you can start adding your videos to the app. Rather than sprucing them up manually, you can choose which parts of your videos you’d like to be bling-bling. To add more than one effect, simply select the desired video in the app’s effects menu and tap it. Once you’ve added the filter, you can also use transitions, stickers, and time-warp effects to your videos.

The Bling effect can be applied to both photos and videos, and is best used with items that reflect light. Such items include jewellery, Sequin dresses, and glasses. LED lights can also produce sparks. If you’re a beginner in TikTok, the sparkles might not appear on your videos. To get this effect, you can follow the steps listed below. The Bling filter is free, so you don’t have to pay a dime for it.