Girls Mermaid Bubble Bath Bomb with Surprise Kids Necklace Inside by Two Sisters Spa. XL Large Lush Fun Spa Fizzy Gift. 99% Natural. Safe Kid Friendly Ingredients. USA Made. Teal Color, Fruity Scent.

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(as of 03/06/2021 11:23 UTC - Details)
Product Description
Product Features

Mermaid Bubble Bath Bomb in Gift Box with Surprises Necklace Inside 

  • Releases Fruit Loops Fragrance, Teal Color, and Bubbles into your bath water as it dissolves
  • High Quality Necklace is hidden in each bath bomb so she’ll remember this gift long after her tub time.

   See and Feel the difference of our Bubble Bombs

  • No more fighting at Bath Time! Bath time has never been so much fun and exciting. Our bath bombs change kiddos from saying “no way” to “every day” for bath time.
  • Actually Creates a Bubble Bath! Our proprietary recipe was designed for bath bomb fans that also love a bubble bath.  (Fun fact! Most other bath bombs don’t create a bubble bath)
  • Best Surprises. We source the widest variety of high quality surprises you’ll find in any bath bomb. Compare our variety and quality to others and see the difference. 
  • Large Size.  Each Bubble Bomb is about 5 oz (2.5 inches in diameter) – almost the size of a tennis ball. Don’t settle for anything smaller.
  • The Best Scents. You will love how your kiddo smells after each bath.
  • Vibrantly Colorful Water that won’t stain your tub.
  • The Most Hydrating to moisturize dry sensitive skin.
  • Gorgeous Packaging designed for gift giving and to preserve freshness.


Handcrafted in Minnesota, USA

  • Handmade with Love.  Designed and hand made by our team of flex-working moms in our home state of Minnesota using our own proprietary recipe.
  • Kid-Safe Ingredients sourced from the USA.
  • SURPRISE MERMAID NECKLACE INSIDE - Truly a gift within a gift! As the bath bomb fizzes out, a surprise mermaid necklace is revealed inside.
  • LUXURIOUS BUBBLE BATH - Our original propriety formula one-ups traditional bath bombs by also creating a bubble bath.
  • COLORFUL SCENTED WATER - A fun bath experience with Fruit Loops-scented teal water!
  • SKIN-NOURISHING - Packed with olive oil to leave you skin super-soft!
  • PERFECT GIFT - Need a gift for a child who "has everything?" We've got you covered. Our Surprise BUBBLE Bath Bombs are a gift within a gift - when the bath bomb fizzes out, they have a fun piece of jewelry to remember what is sure to be one of their favorite gifts. Great for Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Halloween, or any other Holiday.