Get Ready to Shine in Your Next Bling Contest With ‘Bling It On’

Getting ready for your next bling contest starts with getting your model’s skin looking its best. “It’s all about the nails,” Cunningham says, and if they look unkempt it will be hard to hide poor nail sculpting under your adornments. Seasoned competitors agree, if you don’t have a well-sculpted canvas to work with, even the most meticulous designs will fall flat.

You’ll also need to have your favorite adhesives on hand, a variety of bling to choose from (in some cases, only certain kinds are allowed) and tools that make it easy to pick up stones and place them precisely. Both Deadman and Durham are fans of the Crystal Katana by Crystal Ninja, a tool with a bamboo handle that’s easy to grip and has a wax tip on one end for picking up stones and a chrome piece on the other for precise placement.

Get a jump on your next bedazzling project with ‘Bling It On’–the ultimate digital bedazzling course for hand-placing rhinestones. Perfect for beginners or experienced bedazzlers, this course reveals the secrets of different bling types and glues and explores must-have supplies to ensure your dazzling templates shine. Whether crafting personalized gifts, adding flair to clothing or elevating home decor, this course empowers you to unleash your inner rhinestone artist!