Bling Jewelz

bling jewelz

Bling Jewelz is the name given to the flashy jewelry that rappers and hip hop artists wear to express their flamboyant style and wealth. The jewelry is often made of silver and gold with cubic zirconia and diamond stones. The jewelry is also rhodium coated to prevent tarnish and to add extra shine and durability. Typically the bling jewelry is worn with gold chains and pendants to add to the overall look. The bling jewelry can range from inexpensive silver and cubic zirconia to expensive solid gold and real diamonds.

Generally, bling jewelry falls into categories of cross pendants, custom pieces and miscellaneous. Cross pendants are a popular choice and largely represent the spiritual aspect of Hip Hop. Custom bling pendants are typically exclusive designs that are commissioned by those who can afford the expense, such as musicians and actors. These pendants are usually set with cubic zirconia or diamond stones and can range in size from three to five inches in length.

Bling bracelets are an important part of the bling jewelry and like the pendants they can vary in size and materials. For the most flamboyant look look for a heavy bling bracelet with cubic zirconia and diamond stones. A reputable bling retailer should be able to guarantee the quality of the piece by providing a lifetime warranty. They should also be able to provide you with accurate weight and size information. They should also be able to tell you whether the jewelry is silver or gold plated, if it has cubic zirconia or crystal stones and the type of chain it is.