Bling Cast – Who’s on the Bling Empire?

bling cast

Bling Empire is an eight episode series that focuses on the lives of uber rich Asians in Los Angeles. The cast includes heirs, entrepreneurs, and self-made millionaires. Each of them have a jaw dropping net worth.

One of the most interesting characters on the show is Christine Chiu. She is one of the show’s producers and is also a plastic surgeon. She has a huge net worth from her Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery clinic. However, she does not disclose much information about her life on Instagram.

Another popular socialite on the show is Diva Dee. Her YouTube channel features makeup artists and brand endorsements. Having a YouTube channel means she is extremely candid about her life.

Another Bling Empire cast member is model and businesswoman Mimi Morris. Although she has a net worth of over US$800 million, she mainly works on her own. In fact, she has started her own business in the US.

The other cast members include Anna Shay, who is the daughter of the late Edward Shay. Anna has been involved with fashion, jewellery, and tech. As the CEO of her father’s company, she made USD 1.2 billion in 2006.

There are also a few more self-made millionaires on the show. Kane Lim, for example, is a Singaporean property agent who has business interests in oil and shipping. Xie Lee, meanwhile, is the biggest DJ in East Asia. Despite not having a college degree, she is a whiz at fashion.