Bling Anna

bling anna

Bling Anna is the breakout star of Netflix’s hit show Bling Empire. With her flamboyant personality and no-bullshit attitude, she was the show’s MVP.

Anna is a crazy-rich socialite who lives in Los Angeles and owns a beautiful home that looks like it could be straight out of a magazine shoot. She’s also an heiress, so she has a lot of money to spend.

While her Bling Empire co-stars like Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee have shared every detail of their lives with the world, Shay manages to keep her personal life well-hidden. In fact, she has been spotted evading her security ring on several occasions!

She’s reportedly renovating her house herself.

According to Town & Country, Shay has been tinkering with her home renovations since she first landed on the show. In fact, her first scene shows her with a sledge hammer in her closet.

She’s a Target fan.

Unlike most of her fellow Bling Empire cast members, Shay isn’t very shy about shopping at Target. She loves going there to buy groceries, and she often shops after closing time.

She’s also a huge animal lover, and owns nine Golden Retrievers.

Anna Shay is also a philanthropist, and she’s devoted her wealth to charity work. She’s worked with the AIDS Foundation and has donated to organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund, among others.

How she got rich

While most of the other Bling Empire stars inherited their fortunes from their parents, Anna is a self-made millionaire and has started several companies to help her grow her wealth. She’s estimated to have a net worth of $600 million, making her one of the richest members of the show’s cast.