Bling Air Force 1 – How To Enjoy Playing This Nintendo Wii Game

When you start up your new Nintendo Wii, the Bling Air Force is one of those must haves that comes included with it. This is the game that all of your friends want to play, and you probably want it as well, especially after seeing all the great reviews that people have been writing about it. The game is all about air balloons, and when you get them on a line, you can do some really cool stunts and stuff. You can also shoot at the balloons to make them go up and down and you can also score more points by making them float through the air and then come back down to earth again. You score either by touching the balloons, or by shooting them.

Although the game may look a bit too complicated for your first tries, once you get a hang of it, the controls will become pretty simple to understand. Once you do learn how the controls work, the action will seem very smooth, but this does depend on how good you are at controlling the character. One of the best parts of the game is when you get to build your own balloon, and customize it with different colors and patterns. Everything starts off with just a few balloons, but as you progress through the levels, more balloons will start to join your team, until you have many on your team to do your stunts and other crazy things to blow up other balloons. The challenges in this game are quite varied, and you really have to use your imagination to complete them all.

The controls in the game are relatively easy to control, and you will probably find playing Bling Air Force 1 a lot of fun. After you have played through a couple of levels, you will probably be looking forward to playing the game again. When you have spent several hours playing this game, you will find that you can’t stop yourself from doing it again, and you might even decide to make it your main game when playing on the Nintendo Wii.