Bing Video – How to Search For Videos on Bing

Bing has just overhauled their video search with a more intuitive layout, more options for refining your searches and new features to help you find the videos that are right for you. The changes should result in a more efficient searching experience and a better watching experience.

bing video is a free online service from Microsoft that allows users to search and view videos. It was released in September 2007 as Live Search Video and rebranded as Bing Video on June 2009.

When you search for something on bing video, results are displayed as a list of blue links that resemble Google’s universal web search results. Clicking a link will expand the video and play it on Bing, rather than redirecting you to the site that hosted the original video.

Video search on bing is smarter than on other search engines because it automatically displays the best videos that are relevant to your query. You can also filter the results by length, source and resolution.

Another cool feature is the ability to watch a preview of a video before you click on it to view it. This works for all sources, including YouTube and Vimeo. The video will play for a few seconds in a window on the bing results page.

Bing Video has a built-in mRSS feed which allows you to submit your video content to be indexed by the service. The mRSS feed specifies all the data that needs to be indexed, so you don’t have to worry about adding the information manually.