Bling Queen Bracelet

bling queen

A South African celebrity, Bling queen is known for her flashy lifestyle. She was often spotted wearing expensive clothes and dating only wealthy men.

A bling queen is one who likes to wear a lot of jewellery. She also likes to travel and spend money on luxury cars.

She has braided sparkly purple hair in a pony tail, tan skin, dark blue eyes, freckles, magenta lipstick and silver hoop earrings. She wears a purple zipped-up jacket, teal shorts and white knee-high socks along with silver tennis shoes.

Her bling queen bracelet is encrusted with glassy white rhinestones and a dainty stretchy band for a flexible fit. It has a gold finish.

The royal family has a vast collection of precious and semi-precious gems that they’ve collected from around the world, including from allies and former colonies. It’s a collection that shows off the rich diversity of our planet and the connections the royal family has made with its people.

Jewellery has always been important in our culture and a key way for a monarch to signal their power and status. In the Victorian period, diamonds ruled the fashion scene and became the favoured metal of the monarch.

It wasn’t until 1893 that Victoria inherited her mother’s gems and a substantial private collection of jewellery. She wore her treasures in a series of public displays and merged some of the pieces with others she inherited from her brother, Prince Francis of Teck.