Bling Dynasty Matriarch Anna Shay

bling dynasty anna

There are enigmatic reality stars in Bling Empire, but few come off as more fascinating than the show’s matriarch Anna Shay. The 61-year-old is one of the show’s most beloved characters, and for good reason – she’s got an amazing outlook on life, she’s a master of slick one-liners and her wit is as sharp as her voice.

Anna’s parents are a family of billionaires

Her father Edward Shay founded Pacific Architects and Engineers, a defence contracting firm which sold bombs, guns and technology. And in 2006, he and Anna sold the company for a princely sum of $1.2 billion. Anna is the only daughter of Edward and his half Japanese, half Russian wife Ai Oizumi Shay. She has a younger brother, Allen. But despite all her wealth, she has always maintained a low profile – not least because she has no desire to work. She has never left the comfort of her Beverly Hills home.