Bling Bling Boy

Bling bling boy is a character from the cartoon show Johnny test. He is a fat, basement dwelling loser that dresses in bling to try and look cool. He pretty much invented being an incel. He is the main antagonist of the show, but he also sometimes teams up with Johnny and Dukey to defeat other villains.

The character was created by Lee Tockar, and he appeared in the first episode of the series. He has a one-sided crush on Susan and often makes evil plots to win her heart, which usually fail. He is often the target of memes due to his buck teeth, weight, and being a white male. He is also known as Eugene Hamilton.

He is often portrayed as an overweight, out of shape, basement dwelling loser that wears a white shirt with yellow stripes on the sides, a white jacket, blue jeans, and sneakers with gold stripes. He also has a pair of gold rimmed glasses. He also has a golden watch and necklace, and his knuckles have 3 “B”s on them, giving him the nickname “Bling-Bling Boy.”

In the episode “Phat Johnny,” he becomes muscular, raps a song for talent agents, and attends the Mega Institution of Technology to become a scientist. He also gains the powers of flight and gold vision in “Johnny X Strikes Back.” He is also the main antagonist of the Lobster Press Let’s Read! Level 2 book “Johnny X vs. Bling-Bling Boy.”