What You’ll Love About Blingoria by Victoria Secret

Blingoria is the latest addition to the Victoria Secret collection. This line offers styles for both women and men. If you haven’t tried one of the fabulous styles the Secret has to offer, now is the time. From sheer tights to sweet rubber soles, you’ll be sure to love these awesome new additions.

bling victoria secret

The Blingoria line features the best in feminine fashion. Each piece offers detail and sophistication like no other Secret product can offer. The best part is, they are very affordable. The secret heels are made from a high-density, suede material with anti-skid grooves. They feel and look like real leather, but are even more comfortable than your average shoe.

The tongue is fitted for secure fit and long-lasting wear. The toe box is filled with plush cushions that make for soft comfort. The sweet rubber soles have been designed to help eliminate flats and allergen triggers. The shoe is water/slip resistant and designed to wick away moisture so that your feet stay cool and dry. The sweet rubber soles are also ultra-comfortable, offering a wonderful amount of traction. The best thing about the Blingoria is that the hidden zipper is textured, so you can still feel the texture of the material as you wear it.