Launching on Monday 11 October at 2pm on ITV

The world of jewellery and figurines is a fascinating place to visit, and new ITV show Bling will take you inside the dazzling world of the ‘bling world’. Launching on Monday 11 October at 2pm on ITV, the show will feature a one-stop-shop of all things bling! The four counters will showcase different processes, including how to make perfect wedding rings and delicate jewellery. The charismatic experts will also share their knowledge and passion for all things bling.

The show will follow the lives of ordinary people as they try to buy and sell pieces of jewellery. It will also follow the ‘fix and make’ counter, where the ‘jewellery guru’ takes on commissions for everything from necklaces to carriage clocks. There will be 120 stories explored in the series, which is filmed in a special jewellery shop in Exeter, which was formerly an empty retail unit.

The ‘bling’ show has attracted huge numbers of viewers, thanks to its enlightening approach. It will follow independent businesses, as well as everyday people looking to buy or sell a beautiful piece of jewellery. The programme will also feature real-life stories about Becca, the student who runs the store. The episodes will be broadcast on ITV every day at 2pm. It will be a fun, quirky and addictive watch for anyone who enjoys jewellery!