How to Make a Bling Xmas Tree

bling xmas tree

You can make a bling xmas tree yourself with old or new jewels. The tree will turn out beautiful and will give you and your family joy for years to come. The holiday tradition doesn’t have to end with a shiny, glitzy Christmas tree. Here are a few ideas for making a bling Xmas tree. And don’t forget to keep the baby safe from the sparkly tinsel.

Use glass ornaments. Glass ornaments can be fragile and can’t last long, but they’re easy to make. Try gluing hobby store gems to a foam cone. Sea glass makes a stunning beach-themed piece of Christmas decor. Another idea is a bottle brush tree. It’s very easy to make and will look lovely on your Christmas tree. You can also add sea glass or other colorful pieces of beach glass to make it look like it’s made of the sea.

Bling Xmas decorations are very popular these days. They’re easy to make and will be eye-catching additions to your holiday decorations. Glass ornaments are expensive and can break easily. So, consider using plastic, paper or foam cones. Or, for a beachy look, opt for sea glass ornaments. A bottle brush tree will give your holiday home a beach-inspired feel. And don’t forget about sea glass or beach-inspired pieces of decor.