How to Bling Out Converse

bling out converse

You can use a sponge to clean the insides and soles of your blinged-out converse. The rhinestones will look dull after they are set. However, they will not absorb dirt like a plain fabric does. After you have finished blinging out one pair of Converse, repeat the process with the other. Then, leave the blinged-out shoes to dry naturally.

To bling out your Converse shoes, you can buy industrial-strength glue. You can also use Gemtac or Preciosa, which are inexpensive but high-quality options. You can use an ss20-size rhinestone to bling out most sneakers, while the ss10 size is ideal for filling tricky spaces on your shoes. Using a mixture of two or three sizes will help you move more quickly while wearing your blinged out Converse shoes.