Guard Dog Security Bling It On Pepper Spray

bling pepper spray

The Guard Dog Security Bling It On pepper spray is covered in rhinestones and is a non-lethal option. This spray can be easily attached to a purse or backpack and has a range of up to 16 feet. The bling pepper spray has been deemed as one of the most stylish pepper sprays on the market today. It is a fashion accessory and is a great way to defend yourself and your family in an attack.

The BLINGSTING Pepper Spray is lightweight and compact, with a swipe safety lock and a durable lobster clip to keep it secure. Women are increasingly turning to pepper spray as a form of non-lethal personal protection, and this stylish spray is an excellent way to get the protection you need. It’s easy to carry and a fun way to protect yourself from an attacker while you’re out in public. However, be sure to get a law-abiding personal protection device. You can’t purchase pepper spray online in New York or DC, and you need to be 18 years old and have no prior felony convictions before purchasing one.

The Bling Pepper Spray features a rhinestone design and an effective 16-foot range. It’s portable, too, and can be attached to purses, bags, and car keys. This spray is especially effective at night, as its actuator glows in the dark. The bling Pepper Spray comes in seven colors to choose from. It’s the perfect self-defense weapon for anyone on the go. The rhinestone design of this pepper spray adds a bit of glamour and shine to any outfit.