Bling Nation – More Than Meets the Eye

Despite its being one of the latest reality shows on Netflix, Bling Nation has already become a hotly-debated topic. The show, which follows a group of rich East Asian friends living in Los Angeles, has been accused of advancing a negative narrative on the community. It has also been criticized for not having enough diversity.

But there’s more to the story than meets the eye. Some of the cast members on the hit series are self made while others come from families that have generational wealth. The one thing that everyone has in common though is a jaw-dropping net worth.

While the glamor of the rich and fabulous has certainly caught the attention of the masses, there’s more to these characters than meets the eye. Whether it’s the aforementioned billionaire Kane Lim, who loves to shop and has a wall-to-wall collection of shoes or his sister’s DJ Kim Lee, who is battling depression and tries to balance being an entrepreneur with raising a teenage daughter, these stars are as interesting as they are opulent.

Another cast member that stands out is model Kevin Kreider, who’s the heart and soul of Bling Empire. The muscly reality star isn’t as wealthy as his other castmates but he’s still the voice of reason on the show. Whether it’s road trips with Kane and Kelly, or his candid conversations with Dorothy Wang about her parenting struggles, Kreider’s presence on the show helps keep it grounded.