Add Some Bling to Your Car With License Plate Frames

bling license plate frames

If you want to spice up your car’s look and add a little bling, you should consider purchasing a license plate frame. These add-ons are available in a wide range of designs and prices. They are also a great way to protect your vehicle’s paint.

License plates are vulnerable to damage from salt, snow, and other elements. A rhinestone frame is a great way to bring sparkle to your vehicle. It’s made of high quality materials and is durable in all weather conditions. You can choose from more than 1400 rhinestones for a stunning effect.

Some states have special laws concerning license plate frames. If you live in California, for instance, you may have to purchase an additional specialty plate to show your support of breast cancer awareness. Additionally, some states require that you have a specific number of mounting holes for your frame. For example, if you have a rear license plate, you will need to install four mounting holes, while a front plate will need just two.

Depending on your needs, you can buy a standard license plate frame or a rhinestone frame. Both are elegant and fit standard novelty plates. Stainless steel and plastic license plate frames are durable and complement your vehicle’s trim. However, you should be careful not to damage the frame. Using them with a plate that’s already damaged will result in big fines.

You can find a variety of styles and finishes at your local AutoZone store. The best part is that the cost is usually very affordable.