The Second Season of “Bling Empire”

bling empire kevin

After filming the first season of “Bling Empire,” Kevin Kreider is gearing up for the second season. The show is based on the lives of ultra-wealthy Asian Americans in Los Angeles. Kevin, who is of Korean descent, was raised by white parents in Pennsylvania. He is the only cast member who did not grow up in a lavish environment. In fact, he has admitted that he came from the poorest neighborhood in the show’s cast.

Kevin and Kim Kardashian aren’t dating, but they are still close, despite the distance. Kim Lee, who lives in LA, makes it clear that she does not want Kevin to date her, and she tries to justify her behavior by referencing their previous relationship. But her behavior isn’t very romantic, and Kevin’s first date with Kim Lee signals that he has little respect for her. The show is a valuable lesson for hetero dating advice, but it’s not realistic.

In the first season, Kevin and Kim bonded over a road trip. Later on, Kevin and Kim go on a trip to look for his biological father. But their romance is jeopardized when Kim stands Kevin up on a date. In the second season, Kevin and Kim end up getting into a hot mess with rumors. And, they’re not the only ones who are left hanging! The series continues to be available on Netflix.