Decorate Your Wine Glass With Bling Liquor

Bling Bracelet – Two Wine bottle Bling Liquor Bottle Necklaces. 2 wine bottle necklaces bottle bling jewelry. 2 wine bottle necklaces are a stylish, decorative bracelet which can be worn on the right or left hand. The bottle adorned with small gems and/or beads.

bling liquor bottle

What you will need: Bling Wine bottle charms, double sided tape, clear wax, ribbon, glue, white linen or silk fabric for tying. How to start: Simply make a large circular paste of some white linen or silk fabric with a little bit of white vinegar to keep it from bleaching when you lift the bottle to your special someone. Gently glue the gift tag to the front side of the bottle and then wrap the fabric around the sides and then tie the two sides together with clear wax. You can either make your own clear wax by using some baby oil, mixing the oil with some clear water, and then applying it to the fabric with a cotton bud. This will also keep the color of the cloth bright when you decorate the bling liquor bottle and bracelet together.

To decorate your bling liquor bottle and bracelet, you’ll need: White linen or silk fabric, clear glass (to put the charm on first, if you are not using the gift tag), double sided tape, jewelry tags (to attach to the bottle and the body), a baby bottle opener, salt and pepper shaker, ribbon, and an ice bucket (to fill with ice). First, turn on your computer and find some inspiration. If you have lots of bling to give, then look through pictures of people wearing various jewelry items. Also, try to find bling liquor bottles and give some of them away as gifts this season. You can make your own ice bucket (if you don’t have one lying around) or buy an inexpensive one from a craft store.