BlingABC Orientation

Before you start teaching on BlingABC, you’ll want to schedule an orientation. During this time, you’ll learn about the company’s history, the teaching platform and tech requirements. You’ll also get a chance to take a technical test. The entire session should last around 60 minutes. In addition, you’ll be taught about the Roombox platform and get to practice your teaching techniques. To prepare for this orientation, make sure that your classroom is quiet, with good lighting, props, and plenty of TPR.

As a BlingABC teacher, your schedule will be based on your availability, with the same students every week. You can choose to teach classes with as little as three students or up to 30 students. You’ll need to meet certain requirements before teaching larger classes, including taking additional training sessions. Regardless of the number of students you’ll be teaching, you’ll earn at least $6 per class. The schedule is set at least two weeks in advance, so you’ll have plenty of time to prepare.

A majority of BlingABC reviewers would recommend this company to friends and family, and most would recommend it to others. On Indeed, it has a 3.6 star rating. While some teachers have praised the company’s compensation, others had issues with scheduling, particularly if they live in different time zones. Despite these problems, the company does offer a generous benefits package for its teachers. It also provides competitive pay and support for its teachers, so it’s worth the look.