Bling Queen – Cool Gold & Silver Pendants For Our Sweet Princess

Lets face it girls, and by girls I mean boys love to pep up the girls, especially the little ones and the bling Queen LOL doll necklace is a perfect example of this. Bracelets made of crystals and stones just look so elegant and awesome…Lol at the bling Queen! The pendant itself comes on an 18″ sterling silver plated gold curb chain. Absolutely gorgeous and well above the neck of many of my friends who have had the same charm bracelet for a while. Those are way too pricey for most of us. Come on girls, these are way too sweet to not let the world know how much you care about your girl friends…LOL listed 1 year ago

bling queen lol doll

The perfect accessory for any girl who wants to step it up a notch. A high-fashion look that everyone wants, the bling Queen LOL doll necklace is an eye catcher and a very versatile piece to add to any outfit. With its multiple colors it will add some spice and fun to any of your basic black or brown pieces. Its not just a pretty face attached to a pretty dress its a complete package!

The bling queen is a small necklace that comes with a round crystal ball with a gold crown and a bunch of diamonds. It is really sweet and not too hard to play with. Not like the real bling though, that’s for sure! The only thing left now is to see if our sizzling fashion icon gets her own line of jewelry, which I bet she will do great!